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So I finally saw Prince Caspian beginning to end. And let me tell you - I am not pleased. Here're some of the many reasons why.

If You Die In Narnia, Do You Die In Real Life?
Also known as
72 Reasons I Hate Disney's Prince Caspian
Hateful Spaniards.Collapse )
The End

To "Sea Rat" readers

To my dear, dear, dear readers!:

Hey! Thanks so much for clicking on the link to this page—it means a lot that you're taking the time to read my little Kleenex of a letter.

Anyhow. I thought about rambling on and on about how great everyone has been this past year and a half, but then I figured that reading some fanfic author's broadside on how her reviewers changed her life would bore me to death, so I'll keep it short!

You guys have changed my life. Quite literally! When I started "Sea Rat" the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of high school, I had no idea it would grow to the length and the popularity that it is today! Honestly, I figured it would go rather unnoticed and I would be done in a matter of months. Ha! If only you guys knew all of my original plans for the story and how different it is now…

But you guys just took my little baby and helped it grow into the 47-chapter adult it is now. XD Your reviews were the only thing keeping me updating, at some points! When I say that I couldn't have done it without every single one of you, I'm telling the absolute truth.

So that's my little diatribe. Thanks so much for reading "Sea Rat," and I can't wait to further explore Enna, Peter, Aramir, Aslan, Narnia, and all the others with you!

Much love and appreciation,